iPhone 7 Screen Burn-in: Prevention and Fixing Methods

Oct 26, 2023

As iPhone users, we all know the value of a high-quality display, which is why screen burn-in can be incredibly frustrating. If you have noticed persistent ghost images or faint outlines on your iPhone 7 screen, you might be dealing with screen burn-in. Fortunately, there are several prevention and fixing methods that can help you resolve this issue and restore your iPhone's display to its former glory.

Understanding Screen Burn-in

Screen burn-in, also known as image retention, occurs when static images stay on the screen for an extended period, leaving a faint or permanent mark. This issue is more common in OLED and AMOLED displays, such as the one used in the iPhone 7. With regular use, certain elements like app icons, navigation bars, or even status bars can become imprinted on your screen.

Preventing Screen Burn-in

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to screen burn-in. By taking some proactive measures, you can significantly reduce the chances of experiencing this issue. Here are some tips:

1. Adjust Screen Brightness

iPhone 7 allows you to manually adjust the screen brightness. Keeping the brightness at a moderate level not only saves battery but also helps minimize the risk of screen burn-in. Avoid using maximum brightness unless necessary.

2. Use Auto-Lock Feature

Enabling the auto-lock feature on your iPhone 7 ensures that the screen automatically turns off after a period of inactivity. This prevents static images from being displayed for an extended time, reducing the likelihood of burn-in.

3. Frequently Change Wallpaper

Regularly changing your iPhone's wallpaper can help prevent screen burn-in. Dynamic or live wallpapers work best as they keep moving, preventing any static elements from getting imprinted on the screen.

4. Avoid Displaying Static Images

Avoid keeping static images on your screen for prolonged periods. This includes features like the status bar, which can also cause burn-in when displayed continuously. Try to navigate through different apps and screens to keep the display refreshed.

Fixing Screen Burn-in

If you are already experiencing screen burn-in on your iPhone 7, don't worry. There are a few methods you can try to fix the issue:

1. Use a Burn-in Fixer App

There are various burn-in fixer apps available on the App Store specifically designed to help reduce or eliminate screen burn-in. These apps work by displaying rapid color changes or pixel movements to "heal" the affected areas gradually.

2. Adjust Display Settings

Under the Settings menu, navigate to "Display & Brightness" and try adjusting the settings to minimize the visibility of burn-in. Options like True Tone, Night Shift, and Auto-Brightness can potentially help to mask the affected areas.

3. Seek Professional Assistance

If the screen burn-in persists despite attempting the above methods, it might be best to seek professional help. Authorized service centers or Apple Stores can provide further guidance and offer solutions tailored to your specific issue.


Dealing with iPhone 7 screen burn-in can be frustrating, but by following the prevention methods mentioned above, you can minimize the risk of encountering this problem. If screen burn-in does occur, utilizing fixing methods like burn-in fixer apps and adjusting display settings can help restore your screen's pristine condition. Remember, if all else fails, don't hesitate to reach out to professionals who can provide the necessary expertise and support.

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Terri Becker
Great tips! I've been struggling with screen burn-in, so these methods are a lifesaver.
Nov 5, 2023