Statistics About Birth in the United States

Oct 14, 2018


Welcome to the Home Postpartum Services page dedicated to providing comprehensive statistics about birth in the United States. As one of the leading providers of postpartum care in the DC Metro area, we understand the importance of knowledge and insights when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

Pregnancy Statistics

Let's explore some fascinating statistics related to pregnancy in the United States:

  • The average age of a woman giving birth for the first time is 26 years old.
  • Approximately 10% of pregnancies in the United States end in preterm birth.
  • In 2019, over 3.7 million babies were born in the country.
  • The most popular month for births is July, followed closely by August and September.

Childbirth Statistics

Here are some insightful statistics regarding childbirth in the United States:

  • The average length of labor for first-time mothers is around 12-14 hours.
  • Cesarean section rates in the United States are approximately 32%, accounting for one-third of all deliveries.
  • Water births, a popular alternative to traditional childbirth methods, constitute around 1-2% of all births in the country.
  • In recent years, more women are opting for natural childbirth methods such as hypnobirthing or Lamaze.

Postpartum Care Statistics

Understanding postpartum care is crucial for new parents. Let's delve into some statistics related to this important period:

  • Up to 80% of new mothers experience "baby blues" in the days following childbirth.
  • Approximately 15% of women experience postpartum depression, a more severe and long-term condition.
  • Accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed remain the leading causes of postpartum deaths in the United States.
  • Postpartum doula support has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of postpartum depression and improve overall maternal mental health.

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