Meet Vanessa Hanible

Jun 4, 2018

Welcome to Home Postpartum Services, where we are dedicated to providing exceptional postpartum care for new mothers. In this page, allow us to introduce you to Vanessa Hanible, our highly skilled and experienced postpartum specialist.

About Vanessa Hanible

Vanessa Hanible is a renowned expert in the field of postpartum care, with over 15 years of experience in assisting new mothers during this transformative phase of their lives. Her passion for helping women navigate the postpartum period and providing them with the support they need led her to establish Home Postpartum Services.

Specialized Expertise

Vanessa holds a Bachelor's degree in Nursing and has obtained specialized certifications in postpartum care and lactation consulting. Her extensive knowledge, combined with her compassionate approach, enables her to provide holistic support to new mothers and their families.

Comprehensive Postpartum Care

At Home Postpartum Services, Vanessa offers a wide range of comprehensive postpartum care services tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. From physical and emotional support to practical guidance on breastfeeding, newborn care, and self-care, Vanessa ensures that every aspect of a new mother's well-being is addressed.

Physical Support

Recognizing the physical changes and challenges that new mothers experience, Vanessa offers personalized physical support to help mothers recover and regain their strength. She provides guidance on proper postpartum exercises, relaxation techniques, and optimal nutrition to promote the healing process.

Emotional Support

Postpartum emotions can be complex and overwhelming. Vanessa takes a compassionate and non-judgmental approach, providing emotional support to new mothers as they navigate the rollercoaster of feelings that often accompany this phase. She offers a safe space for mothers to express their concerns, share their experiences, and receive guidance on emotional well-being.

Breastfeeding Guidance

As a certified lactation consultant, Vanessa specializes in providing expert assistance to mothers who choose to breastfeed their babies. She offers guidance on proper latching techniques, effective breastfeeding positions, and troubleshooting common challenges that may arise. Vanessa's goal is to empower mothers and help them establish a strong and rewarding breastfeeding relationship with their infants.

Newborn Care Education

Caring for a newborn can be overwhelming, especially for first-time mothers. Vanessa offers comprehensive education on newborn care, covering topics such as bathing, diapering, soothing techniques, and safe sleep practices. She equips new mothers with the knowledge and confidence they need to care for their babies during the early weeks and months.

Self-Care and Mental Well-being

Recognizing the importance of self-care during the postpartum period, Vanessa emphasizes the significance of mental well-being. She provides practical strategies for self-care, stress management, and coping with the challenges of motherhood. By encouraging new mothers to prioritize their own needs, Vanessa helps them cultivate a sense of balance and fulfillment.


Don't just take our word for it, here's what some of Vanessa's clients have to say:

  • "Vanessa's support and expertise were invaluable during my postpartum journey. She provided not only physical and practical assistance but also emotional support that made a world of difference. I highly recommend her services to any new mother." - Sarah
  • "Vanessa's knowledge and guidance on breastfeeding were instrumental in helping me establish a successful breastfeeding relationship with my baby. Her calm and compassionate approach made all the difference." - Emily
  • "I felt truly supported and understood by Vanessa. She went above and beyond to ensure I had the resources and information I needed to care for myself and my newborn. I am forever grateful for her expertise and dedication." - Jessica

Contact Vanessa Hanible

If you are ready to experience the benefits of exceptional postpartum care, we invite you to get in touch with Vanessa Hanible today. She is available for consultations and can provide you with further information on how her services can benefit you during this special time. Give yourself the support you deserve with Home Postpartum Services!

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Take the first step towards a healthier, happier postpartum experience with Vanessa Hanible and Home Postpartum Services. We are confident that your journey will be enriched by the expertise and care we provide.

Maggie Piraino
Vanessa Hanible is the epitome of exceptional postpartum care. Her expertise and experience make her the perfect choice for new mothers.
Oct 15, 2023